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Ninja Training

Jonathan Wimmer (AT)


I really like to draw and I always wanted to film my drawings. Then, about two years ago, my Dad taught me how to use stop-motion software, and I was thrilled. I’m a big Lego fan, and this made it possible to bring my miniature Lego figures to life. At this point, I’ve already shot more than 70 films. Making animated films has become my hobby.

In my film Ninja Training, a boy who wants to become a ninja has to learn various fighting techniques.

First, I built a small shooting set. On the Lego base plate, it’s simple to get miniature figures to walk. I wanted Kai, the ninja teacher, to jump down from a tree, so I tied a thread around the action figure. When the film was finished, I still needed a soundtrack. I wanted to give the figures voices and then add noises. In doing this, you have to make sure to synchronize the sounds and the images, and I succeeded in doing just that in Ninja Training. For the ninja teacher, I made my voice a little deeper, and the student’s voice is higher-pitched. But since the app didn’t make any appropriate sounds available, I had to produce and record them myself: I made the sound of steps with my own feet on the carpet; for the clanking of swordplay, I drummed on a metal trashcan with silverware, and the noise made by combat with staffs was produced by bundles of dried reeds. This film consists of approximately 700 individual images. Its running time is 2 minutes, 34 seconds. It took me a day to create this.


Jonathan Wimmer

Jonathan Wimmer: I was born in 2006, and am now a first-year student at Bad Leonfelden Middle School. My favorite subjects are drawing, word processing, physics, and biology. Even in elementary school, I was already having a great time doing creative work. We were involved in a drawing project with girls taking media art at Bad Leonfelden High School, which I really liked. And that’s why I’m now considering enrolling in the program. Recently, I’ve occasionally had the opportunity to paint with the Procreate app on a large iPad Pro. I think it’s fantastic that you can do so much with just a pen.