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HTL 3 Rennweg

Christian Brenner (AT), Dominik Hajek (AT), Simon Hofer (AT), Stefan Kral (AT)

http://www.camcar.at/, https://www.facebook.com/camcar.htl3r/

The idea behind CamCar is the development of a camera dolly that’s compatible with all types of cameras (e.g. single-lens reflex cameras). The vehicle’s drive system resembles that of an earthmover, so it can move back and forth, take curves and rotate on the spot. It also has the capability of tilting and rotating the camera itself. To make this possible, the project staff developed a special arm that’s mounted on a rotary plate which can be tilted by a motor. The drive system consists of two wheels powered by two servomotors usually used in model construction. Four castors—two fore, two aft—have been built in for stabilization purposes.

This unit is controlled by a touch display. The user defines individual waypoints forming the vehicle’s route. At each one of these points, the orientation of the camera’s arm can be defined in terms of focus points. Then, the vehicle drives the route point by point with the camera arm aiming at each consecutive focus point. This approach makes it possible to plan and execute any conceivable tracking shot. The CamCar is especially well-suited for applications in the marketing field, since the possibility of specifying focus points means that the camera can stay focused on the product being advertised. Plus, this vehicle definitely has a future in the film industry—the CamCar can be deployed in short film projects as well as professional productions to deliver eye-catching tracking shots.


Christian Brenner, Dominik Hajek, Simon Hofer, Stefan Kral

Christian Brenner (born in 1998), Dominik Hajek (born in 1998), Simon Hofer (born in 1997), Stefan Kral (born in 1998): We’re classmates in the Mechatronics program at Rennweg Technical School. CamCar is an upgrade of our previous project, CamCar-Mini, which we successfully completed last year. The CamCar project will satisfy our high school diploma requirements.