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Die Fahnen hoch?

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HBLA für künstlerische Gestaltung

Viktoria Furian (AT)

For the final project of my fifth term at the High School for Artistic Design in Linz, I created a stop-motion video on the subject of “Factors that Influence the Individual: Propaganda.” In Die Fahnen Hoch? (Fly the Flags High?), I’ve endeavored to deal critically with the mass gatherings staged by the Nazis. I oriented my approach on Leni Riefenstahl’s 1934 propaganda film Triumph of the Will. I preselected individual scenes; then, with the help of sound that I use as a design element, I produced new visual material. I project series of images at a rate of 15/second to achieve movements that are as fluid as possible. This called for approximately 2,000 photos. I used the audio track from the original scenes in order to retain the feel of Riefenstahl’s work. The title Die Fahnen hoch? is another allusion to the original material. One of the scenes in which the anthem is sung is also the only scene in my video that’s an excerpt from the original film. It comes at the end of my video, where, in my opinion, it achieves the optimal effect in getting people to think about what they’ve just seen.


Viktoria Furian

Viktoria Furian (1997): I’m a 19-year-old graduate of the High School for Artistic Design in Linz. One of my favorite hobbies is design, which my choice of a secondary school enabled me to perfectly integrate into my everyday life.