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Emergency Exit

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HBLA für künstlerische Gestaltung

Katharina Hollinetz (AT)


Emergency Exit is a film about escape. It was produced with a 360° camera and thus conceived for virtual reality glasses. It’s the account of a protagonist who, due to social pressure, flees from her reality into the reality of her computer games. This project was created in conjunction with my graduation project at the HBLA–High School for Artistic Design.

The topic of my senior-year project was escapism. I decided that my work would focus on young people and deal especially with media. The actual process of completing my video project took nearly five months. Due to my involvement in Otelo (Open Technology Lab) Vorchdorf and my keen interest in the annual Ars Electronica Festival, I was already familiar with VR technology. Producing a VR video on my own took careful consideration and considerable effort to convince the teacher who supervised my project. It was very important for me to shoot my video with a 360° camera, since the viewer then becomes part of the virtual world and comes to identify with the protagonist, which, thematically speaking, dovetails beautifully with the escape-from-reality theme.

After developing various concepts and the initial treatments, I decided that my video would tell the story of a person who, due to problems in her social milieu, flees from her reality and into that of her computer games. The film as a whole is significant in that it spotlights young people’s tendency to partake of media as a means of escaping reality and thus not having to come to terms with problems.


Katharina Hollinetz

Katharina Hollinetz (born 1998) graduated from Linz’s HBLA–High School for Artistic Design. Her community involvement includes service on the Board of Directors of Otelo Vorchdorf and the Youth Advisory Council of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts in the State of Upper Austria.