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You are President

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BHAK Kitzbühel (Fachbereich Wirtschaftsinformatik - Digital Business)

Manuel Achhorner (AT), Josef Adelsberger (AT)


You are President is a game in which the player is the head of government of a fictitious country. His decisions have an impact on six factors: diplomacy, the economy, the budget, popularity among the citizenry, the environment, and the armed forces. The object of the game is to successfully take actions to effectively manage the affairs of state. All of these factors are reflected by scores, which the player’s various decisions can influence either positively or negatively.

Questions are posed. Advisors explain the pros and cons of the decisions that have to be made and these arguments are displayed on the pros or cons side of the screen, underneath the current problem. The respective scores relating to the six factors are visualized in the form of easy-to-grasp bar charts. On the whole, the player has to display strategic thinking and foresight so that he can lead his country into a bright future. In case one of the scores drops to 0, the head of government is removed from office—either constitutionally or violently. Whoever survives his term in office goes off into a peaceful retirement. The application is based on a Windows Form program. This release is the first playable version but by no means the final one. In the near future, we’ll be upgrading the game with a few features such as video descriptions and a national election. We’ll also be adding more options for the player.


Manuel Achhorner, Josef Adelsberger

We, Manuel Achhorner (born 1999) and Josef Adelsberger (born 2000), are majoring in Digital Business at HAK Commercial School in Kitzbühel. We’ve both been interested in politics for many years, although we each have our own very different Weltanschauung. This shared interest and the training we’ve received in programming gave us the idea to create this game.