u19 - Create Your World

Auszeichnung - Award of Distinction

LARES - A Puzzle Action Adventure Game

School - Name der Institution
HTBLuVA Spengergasse

Florian Buger (AT), Sonja Futterknecht (AT), David Holy (AT), Mario Kerndler (AT), Maria Raser (AT)

The monster under your bed isn’t the only threat! Evil creatures lurk in your dreams too. As a guardian spirit in the action-adventure game Lares, your task is to protect people from the bogeymen that populate their nightmares. As a player, you can learn more about the history of the lares, guardian deities in the ancient Roman religion. Immerse yourself in a mysterious dream world and fight your way through the game’s various levels that are constantly changing. Along the way, there are tricky puzzles to solve to find the source of evil and to destroy it so that humankind can sleep peacefully once again.

The idea for this project emerged in conjunction with our diploma project from the various thesis topics of the members of our team. Character design, the theory of colors, artificial intelligence, procedural generation, and emergent puzzle design all contributed to the game’s overall design. The development process began in September 2016 and ended in March 2017.


Florian Buger, Sonja Futterknecht, Maria Raser, David Holy, Mario Kerndler

We, Florian Buger (born 1997), Sonja Futterknecht (born 1998), David Holy (born 1997), Mario Kerndler (born 1998), and Maria Raser (born 1998), are a group of students in our final year of high school. We’re majoring in game design at HTBLVA Wien 5 Spengergasse. A close friendship has developed over the course of our secondary school education.