Computer Animation/Film/VFX

Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions


Joseph Bennett (US), Charles Huettner (US)


Scavengers is a surreal sci fi journey into the unknown centered around two main characters as they struggle to find a way of getting some sense of what they had back on earth. It's a story about the exploration of the human condition surviving in an unforgiving world.

Scavengers came out of a simple idea, that of watching a limited loop, a brief isolated moment from the daily routine of two interstellar castaways, who are all too familiar with their layered and ornate interactions with their new alien home. It was created using Adobe Flash, Photoshop, and After Effects and was edited in Premiere.


Joseph Bennett

Joseph Bennett (US) is a director and animator living in Los Angeles. He mostly spends his time exploring human absurdity and digging deep into the fetid caves of the collective unconscious.

Charles Huettner

Charles Huettner (US), is a freelance artist and animator living in Pennsylvania. He is part of the animation group Late Night Work Club where he premiered his last short The Jump.

Written and directed by: Joseph Bennett & Charles Huettner
Animation: Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner, Caleb Wood, Nelson Boles, Jonathan Djob Nkondo,
Sean Buckelew
Background Art: Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner
Sound design: Mike Jansson
Music: Joe Wong, Didier Leplae
Executive Producers: Matt Harrigan, Dave Newberg