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Sachpreis U14 - Merchandise Prize U14


Arian Hoseini (AT), Sasan Hoseini (AT)


PSE-Lernspiele (PSE Learning Games) are fun ways to learn about the periodic table of the elements. The games involve cards, dice, atomic models, and other playful ideas. They’re for teachers to use in classroom instruction and for pupils as an enjoyable extracurricular learning tool.

Actually, our original intention was to create a couple of cool apps having to do with this topic (like others that we had programmed in 2013 for u19), but there are already so many programs and apps. Learning increasingly takes place on a computer screen. You sit for hours at a time, in the same position, in front of a PC, or you’re there with your head bent down staring at the tiny screen of an iPhone.

Why not occasionally get back to “learning with materials” that let you grasp (in both senses of the word) the course content? So that learning can once again take place in the real world, and even in the company of others in the form of playing and working together! All game ideas and instructions are available online at www.chemie.land. The internet thus becomes the nexus of the virtual and real worlds.

Since we already have a lot of experience working with “real” materials—having been home-schooled for years with Montessori materials and having attended only a Montessori school—it seemed to be a terrific idea to create educational games that enable users to work alone or in groups of two or more to learn about and understand the periodic table. After downloading the games, they can be printed out and set up. No special software is required. Anyone who has a 3D printer can also print out our 3D atomic particle model, or you can have it printed out in a print shop.


Arian Hoseini, Sasan Hoseini

Arian Hoseini (born 2003) and Sasan Hoseini (born 2004) were home-schooled for the first five to six years, and then attended a Montessori school for two years. In the 2017-18 school year, Arian will be attending HTL Rosensteingasse, where he’ll major in chemistry and business administration; Sasan will be home-schooled again. Their interests: chess, programming, nature, and raising chickens; musical instruments: piano and drums; sports: karate, freerunning, and yoga.