Digital Musics & Sound Art

Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions



Fractals is a track I composed/produced. lt combines elements of modern digital music, sonics that I connect with my past, and also includes my vocals, which is as analogue an instrument as you can possibly get. With the mixture of these elements it serves as a gateway between time and place, questioning the concept of time and our common understanding of the universe itself and how it is perceived. It could be seen as a transitional tool from life to death, the relation between inside and outside, it could be used to bridge the dichotomy between heaven and hell or between parallel universes. lt marks a constant shift of energies and has its roots in abstract forms of what we believe might best be described as "reincarnation." Therefore it questions common hierarchies and structures of power of how we've been taught life works as a whole. Fractals is an appeal towards believing in an inner emotional state and at the same time opening consciousness for “the other.”



Ziúr is a Berlin-based DJ/producer, dedicated to combining different sonic textures and brainy beats into a functional dancefloor framework - clearly intended for loud sound systems (and preferably accompanied by a fog machine) - but without any strict loyalty toward a certain BPM or subgenre. In 2015, Ziúr self-released her first mixtape. Titled /xu:x/, seamlessly mixing seven instrumentals and two vocal collabs with Brooklyn's Samantha Urbani & Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) and San Francisco rapper MicahTron. The tweaky follow-up single "Lips" and its video dropped just as Ziúr joined Peaches on a string of European tour dates. In 2016, Ziur played across Europe with Kablam, Amnesia Scanner, Patten, and DJ PayPal, but she took even bigger strides in the studio. Her first full-length album is scheduled for October 2017 on Planet Mu & Objects Ltd.

Photocredits: Lisanne Schulze, Claudia Kent