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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions


School - Name der Institution
BORG Hegelgasse 12 für Musik und Kunst (Schwerpunkt Audiovision)

Lina Binder (AT), Safia El Maataoui (AT), Lena Krautinger (AT), Miriam Meerkötter (AT), Luisa Millonig (AT), Philipp Schwertberger (AT), Mauro Vitera (AT)

This music video for a rap song entitled Thaiboxbrüderschaft (Thai Boxing Brotherhood), which we composed and produced ourselves, is actually a gangster rap parody. Our primary aim was to create a take-off of the countless gangster rap songs and to use exaggeration to parody it. Pimped rides, extreme vanity, hot bitches—as scantily clad as possible, of course—and a break-dance move are only a few of the typical wannabe-gangster clichés. Thus, this video parodies not only a certain genre but also an entire subculture, albeit in a humorous and not at all mean-spirited way.

The idea for this video emerged in conjunction with a project we did with our outstanding music teacher, El Battistello. This, in turn, led to Thaiboxbrüderschaft as well as a sequel we’ve already produced—a Christmas Special that can be viewed on our Thaiboxbrüderschaft YouTube channel. Part 3 is currently in the planning stage.


Lina Binder, Safia El Maataoui, Lena Krautinger, Miriam Meerkötter, Luisa Millonig, Philipp Schwertberger, Mauro Vitera

We, Lina Binder (born 1998), Safia El Maataoui (born 1999), Lena Krautinger (born 1998), Miriam Meerkötter (born 1998), Luisa Millonig (born 1999), Philipp Schwertberger (born 1999), and Mauro Vitera (born 1998), are seven students in our final year of high school at BORG 1, Hegelgasse 12, in Vienna. We’re all majoring in Audiovision. Each of us is a big fan of films; with this project, we were able combine this passion with Mauro’s love of cars and Philipp’s enthusiasm for making music, and create something that’s humorous as well as in tune with the times. We had a lot of fun during the shoot and we’re highly motivated to produce additional projects.