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Simon Mück (AT)


The short film entitled Phi was created in conjunction with a horror-themed project in school. The aim of Phi is to treat this topic differently than a classic horror film.

It begins with Julia (Fanny Altenburger) and an unidentified man (Michael Alexander Pöllmann) seated opposite one another at a long table in a large, dimly lit room. Julia wants out of this interrogation; abruptly, she gets up and flees in panic. She finds herself surrounded by a bunch of people who have gone crazy. Julia runs through the halls and corridors of this insane asylum, desperately seeking a way out. But her flight doesn’t last long; the man is hot on her heels. He finally overtakes her, and Julia suddenly finds herself back in a classroom. She’s seated in front of the class in the middle of an oral exam in math. Her classmates—the same faces as those of the lunatics who populated the asylum—try to help her. Will she pass the test? Phi visualizes the thoughts of Julia, a high school student suffering from test anxiety as she seeks, with growing desperation, the answer to the final exam question, the one that will decide her fate. The film translates her mental state into visual terms during the fraction of a second before the crucial answer, during her search for The Golden Mean.

Simon Mück was the screenwriter, director, cameraman and film editor on this project. He received support from Paul Straznicky on the musical soundtrack, and from other friends who served as the crew on the set.


Simon Mück

Simon Mück was born in 1999. He was enrolled in the artistic program at Boerhaavegasse Preparatory School in Vienna 2011-14 and, since 2014, has majored in audiovisual studies at Hegelgasse Preparatory School. He’s been working in the medium of film ever since he was 6; over the years, what began as a hobby has segued into a career plan.