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Auszeichnung - Award of Distinction

NERVE - Lessons on Demand

Clemens Großberger (AT), Thomas Übellacker (AT)


How do you define 21st-century education? Education 4.0, which is already a widely used term in pedagogy, is a matter of getting students acquainted with modern technology as early as possible. Nevertheless, the right tools to bring about advances in this respect are lacking, so no significant progress in the digitization of classroom instruction has been made in recent decades.

The NERVE project group has tackled this problem. The staff’s technical and commercial skills have enabled them to come up with a digitization solution especially for educational institutions. This makes it possible for pupils and students to review lessons or lectures on a Web platform. Regardless of the reason for wanting to rerun the instructional unit—tardiness, absence, or to study for a big exam—NERVE offers an optimal educational experience and thus significantly enhances the learning effect.

The classroom instruction is recorded by specially designed hardware and software and forwarded to a central server. Instructional units are presented in a clearly structured way on a Web platform, where they can also be enriched with additional material by the teacher. Furthermore, NERVE makes available a very user-friendly application that school administrators can customize and use for scheduling purposes.


Clemens Großberger, Thomas Übellacker

Clemens Großberger, born in 2000 and a student at Ybbs Technical School for Information Technology, and Thomas Übellacker, born in 2000 and a student at Waidhofen Commercial School, met at a hack-a-thon for young people in Linz, and quickly realized the potential inherent in their idea. They’ve been developing this service in their spare time ever since.