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Lorenzo Senni 'Persona'

Lorenzo Senni (IT)


Persona is my debut release on Warp Records. A syncretic hybrid of my Pointillistic Trance Build Up Fetishism augmented via Straight Edge Hardcore roots - a sound best termed as Rave Voyeurism.

I coined the term Rave Voyeurism to describe my attitude developed since my teenage years as the only completely sober straight edge kid one among gurning gabber friends at late '90s raves. That paradoxical nature of an SXC raver's disciplined restraint and moderated ecstasy is core to Persona. My work since Quantum Jelly (Editions Mego, 2012) and Superimpositions (Boomkat Editions, 2014) focuses on creating tracks and composing 'templates' with just one simple but effective melodic idea and forcing it into a typical "non-build-up", a sonic spiral of repetitive and percussive arpeggiated melodies - using the model of the 'Build-up' as a starting point to produce a non-uplifting track that implicitly preserves its emotional tension and drama.

I consider the 'Build-up' section in Trance, Hard-Trance Hardcore & Hardstyle a very interesting part. While it has a very precise function, that is to bring the listener back to the 'full-on' beat, it also opens up a window of freedom in such a rigid system. Artists approach the construction of this segment in a very personal way and it is very interesting to analyze the wide range of musical solutions that are explored compared to other parts of the track. Counterpoint and arrangements are elaborated up to a very efficient and powerful mix of rules and inspiration.

Where my previous releases navigated the finest line between instinct and counter-intuitive rationality with a rigorous impulse control, the orchestral flourishes and elaborate, vaulted chord arrangements of Persona appear to reveal a more personal world. Trying to apply what I learned with my 'build-up research' to a more song-oriented composition, I was still committed ,in this last work, to creating unfulfilled expectations.


Lorenzo Senni

Lorenzo Senni (IT) coined the term "Pointillistic Trance", to define his approach on critically acclaimed records Quantum Jelly and Superimpositions. Founder of Presto!? Records he has published artists such as Florian Hecker, DJ Stingray, and Palmistry - to name a few.
He has composed music for cinema, including Yuri Ancarani's award-winning movie Da Vinci. Lorenzo Senni has played international festivals: CTM, MUTEK, SONAR, Unsound, and Club To Club and has exhibited his work and carried out performances at Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou, and MACBA.

Cover Image Persona: Ed Atkins
Design / Layout: Daniel Sansavini
Mastered by Matt Colton
Mixed by Lorenzo Senni, Max Casacci
Written by / Producer: Lorenzo Senni
Phonographic Copyright (p): Warp Records Limited
Copyright (c): Warp Records Limited
Mixed at Andromeda Studio
Mastered at Alchemy Mastering