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BORG Mistelbach

Tatjana Gaida, Katharina Göschelbauer, Jessica Leirich, Kathrin Mittermaier Schülerinnen des BORG MIstelbach (AT)


We attended a three-day animated film workshop in 2015. Under the splendid professional guidance of MUKATO (Muzak, Karoline Riha and Thomas Renoldner), participants divided up into three crews and created animated films with contemporary musical soundtracks. At the start of the workshop, musician Susanna Gartmayer presented several pieces from her extensive oeuvre. Each crew then selected a piece, listened to it intensively, encountered it in an effort to comprehend what the composer sought to express, and, from this process, developed associative graphic concepts that we linked together on a storyboard. Using various animation techniques—cartooning, cut-outs and stop-motion—we engaged in a very intensive, physically strenuous but fascinating and ultimately pleasurable production process that brought forth Emoticon.

The plot begins with a scene featuring a television. Two kids are sitting in front of the set and arguing, probably about which program to watch, since all you can see on the TV screen are static and snow. An adult has dosed off in a nearby easy chair, so he sleeps through the enticing offer being broadcast—a colorful stranger with a hypnotizing lollypop unobtrusively draws the children into his realm ... and the story proceeds to its deadly conclusion.


Tatjana Gaida, Katharina Göschelbauer, Jessica Leirich, Kathrin Mittermaier

Tatjana Gaida (born 1999), Katharina Göschelbauer (born 2000), and Kathrin Mittermaier (born 2000) have attended high school at BORG Mistelbach since 2014; they are enrolled in the Graphic Arts program. Jessica Leirich is a former classmate. As 5th-term students taking an art class during the 2014-15 school year, they collaborated on this animated film.