Digital Musics & Sound Art

Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

A City Searches For A Microphone

Ludwig Berger (DE), Alexander Pospischil (DE)


A city searches for a microphone is a participatory sound intervention. A microphone is hidden in a secret place in the city, its sounds are transmitted live via radio and internet. Equipped with headphones and mobile radios or smartphones, the participants are invited to track the sound source. By comparing their current environment with the one transmitted to their headphones, the microphone becomes their third ear. Gradually, the participants get closer to the microphone, until transmitter and receiver coincide. This playfulness and conceptual simplicity provides the starting point for a deeper experience of sound, time, space, and perception. The listeners experience a separation of space in realtime: they are situated in the "here", but listen to the sounds from the "not yet there". lndividually, or in small groups, they start for a sound walk whose only trace is its ending point. The location of the hidden microphone offers various points of reference through manifold audible activities, a large sonic horizon, and unique acoustic properties. The walking seekers as well as the still listeners at home gather observations and evidence of the hidden space, relying on spatial memory, local knowledge, acoustic analysis, and intuition. In the last phase, a direct interaction with the environment takes place: the participants can produce sounds to identify their own position towards the microphone. In contrast to the daily mode of moving through a city, this game introduces a perceptual displacement - when the listeners hear their own produced sounds from a remote acoustic perspective, they perceive their body no longer as the center of the soundscape around them, but as an equal part of it. They are not only passive listeners, but become active performers of the urban sound environment. With their search, they create a own unique sound path through the city in a personal experience - for the listeners in distance, they form a part of a radio play with musical qualities.


Alexander Pospischil

Alexander Pospischil (DE), born in 1988, is a Stockholm-based sound artist, creative technologist, and designer who works on electronic and soundscape compositions as well as interactive or kinetic installations, smartphone applications, and performances. His works have been presented at various festivals and exhibitions in Europe.

Ludwig Berger

Ludwig Berger (DE) is a sound artist and composer. He explores dynamic relationships between time and place, landscape and mapping, recording and remembering. Currently he works as research associate at the Department of Architecture of ETH Zurich, where he investigates audiovisual mapping techniques and explores psychogeographic strategies for architecture.

Co-Realization in Weimar and Augsburg: Mara-Lea Hohn
Co-Moderation Weimar: Andreas Feedersen
Mentoring Weimar: Nathalie Singer (Bauhaus University Weimar), Robin Minard and Ludger Hennig (SeaM Weimar)
Trailer directed by Giacomo Blume, Camera by Micheal Kugler
Cast: Juliane Schmidt, Tobias Schormann and Luigi di Bella