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Sonderpreis netidee - Special Prize netidee


Robert Miller (AT), Nico Rameder (AT), Daniel Wetzelhütter (AT), Max Wolschlager (AT)


“You can't assume any place you go is private because the means of surveillance are becoming so affordable and so invisible.” (Howard Rheingold)

As four young digital-privacy advocates we are concerned about what the future holds. With populist strategies, based on fear and anger, breaches to our privacy by governments are legitimized all around the world. BigPoopData tries to underline the absurdity and ineffectivity of past and future data-collection programs with a cynical and satirical twist. The website shows the real-time toilet state and compiles statistics on the fly. For a live demo, visit: https://bigpoopdata.com/. The project was born at the Viennese hackerspace “Metalab” after two young members (Max and Nico) installed a button in one of the toilet doors. A year later, in November 2016, the button was connected to a small computer which sends the current state of the toilet to our custom analytics software. Expansion to the second toilet is already planned and under construction.

“Always remember, this could be your toilet.”


Max Wolschlager

Max Wolschlager (born in 1999): I’m interested in technology, visualization and mathematics, and I’ve been an active member of the Viennese hackerspace Metalab since 2015. When I was a little kid, I was into film and animation, a side-effect of my Mom working as a film producer.

Daniel Wetzelhütter

Daniel Wetzelhütter (born in 1999): I grew up in Vienna and, after a few moves, I finally arrived in magnificent Würmla, where I discovered my passion for film. It didn’t take long before I was headed to Die Graphische, and that, in turn, awakened my interest in design and programming too.

Robert Miller

Robert Miller (born in 1998 in Chicago): Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve been keen on works of graffiti by street artists. I moved to Vienna at the age of six. As a student at Die Graphische, I’m following in the footstep of my grandfather, a creative director at BBDO, the famous ad agency in New York.

Nico Rameder

Nico Rameder (born in 1998): I’ve always been fascinated by technology, and I’ve been tinkering with electronics every since I can remember. Above all, I’m interested in wireless as well as cable-based networking of electronic switches, which I also do for a living now.