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Acoustic Additive Synthesizer

Krzysztof Cybulski (PL)


AAS - Acoustic Additive Synthesizer is a step towards a fully acoustic device that could resynthesize any sound by the means of Fourier analysis and resynthesis, thus utilizing basic principles of spectral music in realtime.

lt is in fact a small pipe organ, with pitch and volume controlled by a computer. Each of the seven pipes has a motorized piston, which changes the pitch of the sound continuously, and a dedicated motorized air valve, which effectively changes the volume of the sound. As the sound of organ pipes is very close to sinusoid, this setup, together with a purpose-written Pure Data patch, allows for resynthesis of voice or creating quasi-synthetic sounds. Alternatively, the instrument may be used as a regular pipe organ, but with the ability to play glissandos or any off-the-equal tempered scale microtonal pitches.

The interaction with AAS is very intuitive - the interface being a microphone, mounted on a stand. AAS attempts to repeat any sound captured by the microphone, be it speech or singing. lt doesn't necessarily resynthesize comprehensible speech, but the correlation between input and output is obvious, and the impression of controlling an actual physical instrument with the voice in real time is much stronger than in the case of electronic or digital voice transformation. The first version of AAS was commissioned by INSTALAKCJE 4 festival in 2015. It was an interactive installation version, powered by motorized bellows and "hobby" rc servos. The second version was a part of Aaron S multimedia opera, commissioned by Warsaw Autumn festival in 2016. This version uses a blower and professional robotic servos, and is in general much more compact, portable, and reliable. Although in the opera it was used more as a musical instrument, it can still be used as an interactive installation/object, as initially intended.

AAS was featured in the semifinals of the Guthman Instrument Competition at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA, in 2016.


Krzysztof Cybulski

Krzysztof Cybulski (PL), born in 1980, musician and sound artist, co-founder of new media art collective "panGenerator". Three-time semifinalist in the Guthman Musical Instrument Design Competition. He presented his work at festivals such as Warsaw Autumn, Ad Libitum, lnstalakcje, and Biennale Wro and has collaborated with artists such as Krzysztof Knittel, Anna Zaradny, Norman Leto, and Robert Curgenven. He is a beneficiary of composition grants from the Polish Ministry of Culture in 2013 and 2015 and an art scholarship in 2017.

Concept, design, overall construction, electronics and mechanics, software: Krzysztof Cybulski

Wooden pipes construction: Marcin Armanski

Nowy Teatr,, commissioned the first version in 2015 for lnstalakcje 4 festival
Warsaw Autumn festival,, commissioned the second version in 2016