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Mitwachsende Armprothese

School - Name der Institution
HTBLuVA Waidhofen/Ybbs Höhere Abteilung für Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

Dominik Ballwein (AT), Samuel Lehner (AT)

https://youtu.be/nhtJUSiJkZg, https://youtu.be/x13J2nFsLKg

We wanted to create an arm prosthesis that can grow with the wearer. Our objective was to design a flexible prosthesis for a young girl and then to produce it with the help of our school’s 3D printer. The prosthesis is intended to be used by Lena, a 3-year-old girl with a congenitally deformed arm—her right arm is normal; her left upper arm is only two-thirds formed.

To start out, we compared the various technologies used in existing 3D-printed arm prostheses. In this phase of the project, a lively exchange of ideas via social media with prosthesis developers in Spain and the USA was of great importance. After exchanging information with Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit organization that produces electrical prostheses for children, we could begin constructing our prosthesis.

We employed joints and sophisticated drive technology to replicate as well as possible the basic motions of a healthy arm. Since all components are easy to replace, the prosthesis can be adjusted on an ongoing basis to Lena’s body as she grows. This arm prosthesis will make a big difference in Lena’s life by enabling her to ride a bike, play ball, and take part in other recreational activities.


Dominik Ballwein, Samuel Lehner

We two members of the project staff, Dominik Ballwein (born in 1997) and Samuel Lehner (born in 1998), have been very good friends for five years, and we’re also classmates. This made working together very enjoyable. Ever since we were little kids, we’ve been very interested in discovering solutions to tricky problems. This project gave us an opportunity to give free rein to our creativity.