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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

Double King

Felix Colgrave (AU)


In a land where every species of animal and plant answers to its own respective monarch, one mysterious king with seemingly no subjects goes on a violent crusade to claim as many crowns as possible.

Someone asked: How did you go about making Double King for two years? Like, are there any scenes that were cut out or story changes?

Nope! I started by animating those caterpillar things with the columns on their backs, and then I had to work out what was on top of the columns and I was like “monarchs are interesting. I could make a film about those without getting bored”, so I put a king on top, and then kept making scenes in sequential order until a film happened.

Someone asked: So if your process to animating is adding more and more stuff over the course of those two years, how did you know when Double King was finished?


Because I had 2 years to think about it, the main character had thrown themselves into an empty void and was technically already dead, and I wanted my life back.

Double King Soundtrack

All the music in Double King was made at the same time as the rest of the sound design, so none of the tracks have “full versions”; they currently only exist as they do in the film, but I plan to make extended cuts of all of them, and release a mini Double King album in the near future. (Source:


Felix Colgrave

Felix Colgrave (AU) is an independent animator from Tasmania, currently based in Melbourne.